Bike Lane/Resurfacing Project

The Town has been informed the contractor will begin this project the week of 2/14/22 with an expected completion date of April 2022

East and West First Street will be resurfaced and widened to include 5-foot bike lane on BOTH sides of First Street.
All landscaping, rock, stone, or other material located within seven (7) feet  from the edge of pavement will be removed by NCDOT and disposed of  unless the Property Owner has removed/relocated the materials prior to  work beginning
The NCDOT Contractor will be responsible for the relocation of all  mailboxes.
Sidewalks will remain in their current location.
Existing catch basins (storm water) are being converted to "bike-friendly"  grates for safety purposes.

May be an image of bicycle and text that says 'Special Message! Spotted on First St. T HANKS OIB ?'
Photo of preliminary paving on First Street. The final layer of asphalt and markings will be applied by April 30, 2022
May be an image of sky, road and body of water