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The Natural Canal Dredging project scheduled for maintenance during the 2018-19 budget cycle was delayed due to issues with placement of the spoil material.  The Town has now however, been successful in receiving permission from the Corps of Engineers to use the Corps spoil area located at the end of Lee Street.  The Corps has agreed to allow the Town to remove material from the disposal area and then place an equal or lesser amount within the disposal area during the project.

The Natural Canal Dredging Project is anticipated to take place during the Fall of FY 2019-20.  This maintenance dredging project proposes to use a hydraulic pipeline dredge to remove approximately 28,000 CY of dredge spoil material in approximately 18,270 linear feet from these canals.  

Special tax district fees will also continue to provide for a maintenance dredging program for both the concrete and natural canal systems. 
The opinion of probable cost for the next natural canal dredging project is $1,010,875. The proposed assessment for F/Y 2018-19 for the natural canals district reflects a reduction in the natural canal tax district fee to $1.25 per ft. or $62.50 for 50 ft. lot, from the present assessment of 3.74 per ft.

The reduction is due to the fact the Town will be applying for grant assistance from the NC Shallow Draft Navigation Channel Fund to assist with the cost of the Town’s dredging projects.



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