Important Information - Hurricane Ian (10am)

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2022

Based on information the Town has received from weather authorities, it is still very uncertain where landfall of Hurricane Ian will ultimately occur. There is always the possibility that the track of a storm will shift and/or conditions may intensify. Therefore, we recommend you personally assess your risk factors in making the decision whether to leave the island, or to remain. Things to consider include location (low lying areas/prone flooding), medical factors, proximity to areas with history of high erosion, etc.

The Town has not issued an evacuation, but please be aware of the following factors when making your decision: (1) Weather authorities are forecasting a potential storm surge of 3-5 feet around 11:15am and (2) the bridge will close if sustained winds exceed 50mph. Please be safe and note there may not be another weather update prior to landfall of Hurricane Ian.

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