2021 Employee Awards

Posted on Wednesday, December 08, 2021
At the 2021 Town of OIB Christmas Dinner, Town Administrator Daisy Ivey (30+ years of service) recognized Town Staff for their benchmarks in years of service. 

20+ Years: Robin Farmer, Angela King, Wendy Barbee
15+ Years: Justin Whiteside, Parks Reid, Ken Bellamy, Keith Dycus, Jimmy St George (Bob Becker & Tracy Harmon Ward, not pictured)
10+ Years: Colin Cruikshank, Richard Heycock
5+ Years: Drew Vaughn, Bill Lafferty, Casey Hayes, Spencer Thornton, Josh Lilly, Wanda Jones, Jimmie Causey, Ricky King 
(Jeffrey Bell, Phil Dyson, Tara Frazier, Donald Hatley not pictured)

Each Department Head also recognized their "EMPLOYEES OF THE YEAR".

: Mickey Lawing
OIBPD: Richard Heycock 
Administration: Hayley Burgess 
Utilities Department: Louis Roberson (Not pictured)
OIBFD Volunteer: Vincent Stimpson (Not pictured)

We are truly blessed to have such a great team!
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