Wind-Powered Sunshades Allowed on Beach in Certain Areas

Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 2021
AMENDED ORDINANCE - Wind-Powered Sunshades (7-13-21)

The Board of Commissioners voted to allow wind-powered sunshades on the beach strand on a trial basis and within certain parameters. Please note that wind-powered sunshades* are ONLY allowed within 25 feet of the dune line. PLEASE READ full ordinance to ensure your "shade" meets all requirements. Link to FULL ORDINANCE is listed below. (*Examples of wind-powered sunshades include Shibumi Shades, Solbello Shades, etc.)

Wind Powered Sun-shade means a fabric (no larger than 160 square ft) which is attached to one continuous pole that connects to the ground in no more than two locations and which provides shade by the use of wind. A wind powered sun-shade can have no more than two other anchor points such as lines secured by stakes or sandbag.


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