T.S. Isaias Update 8-2-2020 (6pm)

Posted on Sunday, August 02, 2020
Please find attached the 6:00 briefing (link below) in regards to Tropical Storm Isaias.

The current track will bring the greatest impacts to our area Monday night into early Tuesday morning.

A slight increase in forecast winds of 70 mph could bring Hurricane Winds along the coast, thus a Hurricane Watch was raised for the coastal counties.

Keep in mind that some uncertainty exists with the storm’s intensity and track which would greatly influence sustained winds and gusts across the area. These winds are highly dependent on the storm’s track and intensity. As a result, any change could result in significant differences to the peak wind gusts that occur.  

Dangerous rip currents are expected through Tuesday.  Hazardous winds/seas are expected to develop for the adjacent coastal waters with the worst conditions Monday night into Tuesday morning. 

Conditions should begin to improve for the area during Tuesday as the storm quickly exits. The Town will reopen our island to visitors and guests as soon as possible on Tuesday morning after damage assessments have been performed. 

Daisy Ivey, Town Administrator
Town of Ocean Isle Beach

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