Rip Current Alert and Storm Info (TD #3)

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Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2019



The area of unsettled weather/tropical wave in the Bahamas has organized into Tropical Depression #3. The NHC forecast for this system takes it near Cape Fear around 2 AM Wednesday. It is expected to interact with a cold front and subsequently not intensify beyond a depression based on the forecast.


Initial thoughts on impacts would be an increasing surf and risk for strong rip currents Tuesday through Wednesday and an increase in rainfall - especially along the coastal counties Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.


Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away from shore, which occur most often at low spots or breaks in the sandbar and in the vicinity of structures such as groins, jetties and piers.


If you become caught in a rip current, yell for help. Remain calm, do not exhaust yourself and stay afloat while waiting for help. If you have to swim out of a rip current, swim parallel to shore and back toward the beach when possible. Do not attempt to swim directly against a rip current as you will tire quickly.

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