Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert Remains In Force!

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Posted on Friday, June 07, 2019
Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert remains in force!

A Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert was instituted for all customers of any Brunswick County public water system on May 28, 2019, due to record water demand caused by excessive temperatures, lack of rain, and an increased number of visitors to Brunswick County.  As a result of customers’ voluntary conservation measures combined with a break in the drought conditions, water demand has been reduced to more manageable levels.  We thank you for your efforts to conserve water and to use it wisely.  

Although there has been some relief in the past week, hot, dry conditions are expected to return as we get into the summer season (June 21st) and the demand for water will continue to rise.  Therefore, the Stage 1 Water Conservation Alert will remain in force.  

The conservation measures that customers have made voluntarily have had an impact in reducing water demands and we will need to continue these measures into the summer months.  Please continue to use water wisely.  We request that you continue to irrigate during off-peak time periods according to the schedule below.  If you have a water-intensive activity (power-washing, topping off swimming pools) please do these during off-peak hours or schedule during overcast, rainy days when water demand is typically less.  

If there is a significant increase in water demand requiring amplified attention, we will provide notification through the media, our Web site, and by sending emergency messages via telephone.  Additional information can be found at or by calling 910-253-2657.

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